Cross stitch patterns for YellowBirdieStitches on Etsy

Back again

So… It’s been a while.

Poor health, getting caught in up hospital paperwork, and extra long waiting lists for operations don’t really make you feel like blogging regularly. Or at all it seems (2014?!)

So other than the bad bits, what have I been up to? Crafts have become a big thing, especially in light of needing something to do while waiting/recovering from hospital. I’m making cross stitch patterns based on my sister Vicky Scott’s illustration (available on her Vicky’s World Etsy shop) and more recently opened my own Etsy shop of designs: Yellow Birdie Stitches (more to come soon!). Volunteering is something as well that’s helped. It’s led to more craft opportunities such as painting chairs and a doll’s house for a local charity shop, as well as doing a few video intros for charity films based on learning and health.

Cross stitch and upcycling projects

Clockwise from top left: Vicky’s World cross stitch, Yellow Birdie Stitches cross stitch, a chair for upcycling, a Scandinavian doll’s house

Hopefully I’ll be able to do do a few posts my crafty exploits as well as a few more K-pop packaging pretties and other musings on graphics, games and curiosities (you would not believe some of the things that end up in a charity shop…).

Be seeing you (I hope!)


A little update

Another of those “what’s going on” updates.

1) Hospital. It is not fun. They tell you to focus on something positive, so I got through it by looking forward to going to the HallyuUK SHINee concert screening (it’s a bit like going to a concert, only you get to sit down in a cinema instead of flying to Japan/Korea. A lot easier post-hospital! Thanks guys!). Wasn’t sure if I would be able to go, but I managed. Positive thinking!

2) Still having a go with bits and bobs. The interface bits were meant as a challenge to myself, and unsurprisingly they’re being challenging! Also a few Illustrator type+image pieces.


3) I have a Behance now. It still needs a few more projects organised for it, but it’s getting there. I’ll do a write up of some of my personal projects (like K-popsicles and any of my newer type) later on.

4) I said something on Twitter after um… A long time away. I won’t be checking it too often, but I’m going to try and get back into it slowly when I can. Thanks for your patience.

Be seeing you.