Hipster Science: The Alkali Metals

A little confession: at school, I liked science as much as art. I like to think that graphic design is somewhere between the two, even if it would be more of a social science. I’ve been having a clear out recently and came across my old GCSE science books and worksheets (oh, the excessive use of Comic Sans and Marker Felt). So I thought I’d do a bit of revision… By making some basic infographics on the Periodic Table groups.

Hipster Science : The Alkali Metals

I hope those revision notes are still accurate. I’m looking forward to making some more fun looking ones!




Some infographic practise inspired by something I saw on QI (if it’s true or not I can’t say, but it is Quite Interesting). This has been quite a while in the making.

A few disclaimers though:
1) By popular emo, I mean the sort of bands that have turned up in the (rock) charts at some point and referred to as being emo. I’m aware of this being a catch-all term for a very big genre. I mean no offence.
2) I’m also well aware the subjects have had numerous different hairstyles. The ones I have drawn came from promotional images (such as when they had an album released). Some 2011 images are from recent appearances (such as Reading + Leeds or Glastonbury festival).
3) I’ve used American GDP because these are American bands.
4) This is in no way scientific. It’s just a bit of fun.

Happy New Year everyone.
Be seeing you.