For varying reasons, food seems to have been a topic for me. I like food. I like trying out different combinations of things, like five spice in stir fries (it’s like a spring roll, only not in a roll), grilled grated carrot and cheese toast, avocado and honey on toast… In fact, a fair few of them involve toast. But my favourite has to be apple, cinnamon and peanut butter on toast. Crunchy, gooey and toasty? Yum. So naturally, this being my blog and not a foody one, I made an After Effects animation dedicated to the best fruit-nut-spice-bread combination ever.

I was going for something a bit infographics-y and stylised, and that advertising staple of ukelele, clapping and jingle bells seemed perfect for the soundtrack (Music by Sweet Wave Audio sweetwaveaudio.co.uk). It’s not a recipe (not unless you count those “1: roll out shop bought pastry 2: fill with can of pie filling 3: cook” things that turn up in magazines recipes as well), it’s just for fun. And to spread the word that apple and peanut butter go really well together.

Cumin is the spice of life : escottdesign.wordpress.com

Again with being food-related, cumin is good in/on many things. Soup. Roast potato/sweet potato/parsnip/carrot. Stew. Couscous. I was trying to get the background on this to look a bit tangine-like (the decorated serving dish with a cone-shaped lid). Perhaps a Victorian inspired tangine? Hmm…

Be seeing you.


Just gif-ing around

I’m still calling them gifs. None of this jif malarky.

Between designing websites and building (yes, building) a blog theme, I’ve been having some fun with AfterEffects and making simple loops out of some of my personal work. I haven’t had much call to use AE recently, and so I wanted to remind myself of things rather than animate in Photoshop. A little on the heavy side, but here is one of the results:

EXO(-K) : MACHINE escottdesign.wordpress.com
The cogs are turning the right way, it’s just your eyes that aren’t looking properly. Or the low frame rate that is making things tricky to see, but you’ll just have to trust me on that.

I wasn’t going for anything technically correct (e.g. the teeth meeting up, the original image was supposed to be stylised rather than realistic) but the difference in speed is really a lot more noticable when the video got gif’ed. Hmm. It’s always useful to remember how much things can change when you start having to reduce the keyframes down.

What’s up?

A little bit of news: Not-so-secret-side-projects! I usually have a few on the go at any one time and thought it was time to give them some air.

I call this one Hipster Airlines. It’s using a brief I got when I was doing AS level Graphic Design (I looked back through my old work. Argh. Should never be done). Horizon Air(lines) are a small company offering holidays to Pacific island locations, and need promo material. In my AS project, I was focussing on leaflets and illustration inspired by the popular style at the time (very vector-y if I remember rightly). This time round I’m more interested in getting a brand going, using the theme of pop-graphics of now.

May I present… PIXELee. OK, so I put this on Twitter a while back. But this is a Thing. Something will happen with it. However it could take some time. I’ll make no promises, as it’s just a bit of fun when I get the time for it. And let’s face it, Eadward Muybridge this ain’t… (On a side note, congrats SHINee on winning Artist of the Year at the Melon Music Awards. Bless their little teary faces).

I’m also getting together things for my inspiration posts (and not all of it K-pop packagaing(!)), so I’ll get some more bits and bobs up soon.

Be seeing you.


The End

It’s quite sad to post this really. Typographica took over so much of my life during those intense 5 months of creating, animating and editing. I still hope to come back to it someday, as there were so many ideas, places and characters that never made it into this first story arc. I also really want to get a Typographica section on my website so that I can have a place to show some of the “behind the scenes” work, as well as any new pieces.
But without further ado, here for your viewing pleasure is the feature length conclusion of Legends of Typographica.


Turn the page

It’s time for Chapter 2…

It really is common in adventure/rpg games for your character to agree to help another without even swapping names. How rude! It’s still a thing in games as my recent experience with Neverwinter Nights 2 showed (good gameplay and characters, but the most disappointing ending). Perhaps it’s because now you just have to mouse over a character to find out their name. Doesn’t explain how later on they seem to know yours…