Can you feel this?

Inspiration time again, but it’s not k-pop. It is… j-pop. And it’s not packaging, but… Web design?!
I’m not usually impressed by j-pop websites. They’re usually very similar, and can be so cluttered with little ad boxes and CTAs that I just don’t know where to look. But today I was surprised by “Queen of J-pop” Namie Amuro’s lastest album promo pieces.

They’re going for classy fashion magazine, with the beautifully shot high contrast black and white photography combined with feminine serif fonts that evoke Vogue. The white space and side scroll effect is a breath of fresh air when looking at j-pop sites. Everything’s broken down into easily viewable pieces rather than crammed onto one page. The parrallax scrolling effects aren’t in your face either, but add a nice touch of dynamism to moving through the site (e.g the tye on the splash section, the YouTube video that swings up into position).

There’s also a teaser trailer using the same style.

While I’m not sold on the music this time round, I do like to see something so considered amoungst the pop sites that usually aren’t so user friendly (especially if you don’t read Japanese!).

Namie Amuro official website


Retro + Metro

I stumbled across this site today. Minimalist style, going with the trendy badges-and-ribbons approach. That said, I like it. It feels easy to navigate, and subtly directs you to scroll down to find out more with the tabs, arrows and changes in the block colour backgrounds.

Also, they’re selling the Jazz Jackrabbit and Myst soundtracks. A definate plus.

Visit the Retro Game Music Bundles site