Gee Gee GG

Over Easter, my computer had a bit of a breakdown. You don’t realise quite how much data you have until you’re worrying that it might all be gone. Luckily, I haven’t lost a great deal (some dummy WordPress posts from my virtual server, a few old saved games that I probably won’t ever want again). It’s definitely time to give my brand new hard drive’s contents a spring clean!

Going through some of my old image folders I came across these. I think that was my reaction to hearing Girls’ Generations “The Boys” for the first time (it isn’t strongest single imho), and then Gee (which, on the popularity-on-YouTube scale at least, probably is).

Girls' Generations : The Boys

Girls' Generations : Gee

(I will stop posting k-pop related things one day, honest.)

Regular work projects, WordPress dev-ing and the Hipster Science graphics aside, I’m in the middle of finishing off something a bit newer which involves toast…

Fineliners, meet lightbox

There have been many birthdays recently, so out came the fineliners for some type-based cards!

I have been using computer fonts and a lightbox to get the main letter shapes for all except the H(appy) B(irthday) card. Fonts used include Sail, Carrington and KingsCross.

Traces left of you

Ice on the Dune : Empire of the Sun inspired type

Emporer Steele’s outfit in the Alive video translated into fineliner type. I’ve given it a bit of Photoshop treatment to go with the Empire of the Sun mood. I’ll be updating my site with the final version when I’ve got a few more pieces done.

Ice ont he DUne type details

If you like electronic-dance-pop combined with surreal videos (and awesome hats), you should try Empire of the Sun. I was recommended them in a dream. Seriously.

Tonight, SHINee’s in the house

SHINee - Sherlock type

SHINee’s back… as are the fineliners. I started this one a while back, but really got the inspiration to finish it when my CD finally arrived. I was going more for the Victorian inspired swirly effect, and added the overprint colours in Photoshop. I think this one’s a mint chocolate flavour.

I quite like this one (though as usual, I think it looks more impressive in real life than scanned). I’m going to get more of these drawings to a stage where I feel happy with them and get some good sized images of them all up. Perhaps something for my new website… (Watch this space)

SHINee - Sherlock detail

Her whisper is the lucifer

Shinee - Lucifer

Here’s k-pop inspired freehand type part 2. Lucifer is a song/album by boyband SHINee, containing some interesting use of English. It comes in black and white, or greyscale decay flavour (I knew photographing rust and flaking paint would be useful eventually). I’d say it’s still a work in progress at this time.