Gee Gee GG

Over Easter, my computer had a bit of a breakdown. You don’t realise quite how much data you have until you’re worrying that it might all be gone. Luckily, I haven’t lost a great deal (some dummy WordPress posts from my virtual server, a few old saved games that I probably won’t ever want again). It’s definitely time to give my brand new hard drive’s contents a spring clean!

Going through some of my old image folders I came across these. I think that was my reaction to hearing Girls’ Generations “The Boys” for the first time (it isn’t strongest single imho), and then Gee (which, on the popularity-on-YouTube scale at least, probably is).

Girls' Generations : The Boys

Girls' Generations : Gee

(I will stop posting k-pop related things one day, honest.)

Regular work projects, WordPress dev-ing and the Hipster Science graphics aside, I’m in the middle of finishing off something a bit newer which involves toast…


Fineliners, meet lightbox

There have been many birthdays recently, so out came the fineliners for some type-based cards!

I have been using computer fonts and a lightbox to get the main letter shapes for all except the H(appy) B(irthday) card. Fonts used include Sail, Carrington and KingsCross.

Traces left of you

Ice on the Dune : Empire of the Sun inspired type

Emporer Steele’s outfit in the Alive video translated into fineliner type. I’ve given it a bit of Photoshop treatment to go with the Empire of the Sun mood. I’ll be updating my site with the final version when I’ve got a few more pieces done.

Ice ont he DUne type details

If you like electronic-dance-pop combined with surreal videos (and awesome hats), you should try Empire of the Sun. I was recommended them in a dream. Seriously.

Tonight, SHINee’s in the house

SHINee - Sherlock type

SHINee’s back… as are the fineliners. I started this one a while back, but really got the inspiration to finish it when my CD finally arrived. I was going more for the Victorian inspired swirly effect, and added the overprint colours in Photoshop. I think this one’s a mint chocolate flavour.

I quite like this one (though as usual, I think it looks more impressive in real life than scanned). I’m going to get more of these drawings to a stage where I feel happy with them and get some good sized images of them all up. Perhaps something for my new website… (Watch this space)

SHINee - Sherlock detail