Ready to bingo

So, I might have seen a few k-dramas. And I might have noticed some tropes… OK, a lot of tropes. It’s a bit bigger than a standard bingo card, and even then I couldn’t fit them all in! They’re all observations from a Western (admittedly sometimes slightly bemused) perspective. They’re more endearing than the way some tropes turn up in soaps on UK TV: swearing, fighting, sex & drugs & “You ain’t my muvva!” – that sort of thing (thank you k-drama for mostly keeping it all so cutesy and innocent).

I know every blogger and their dog has probably done a bingo card for this sort of thing, but I challenged myself to use icons to represent the tropes. This is all done for in the spirit of fun. I’m also thinking of doing some explaination sheets for the icons, plus any others I just couldn’t fit in (because 30 is enough, really).

Let’s play k-drama bingo!

K-drama Bingo :

I hope at least some of you are smiling and nodding about now. Aigoo!

Hipster Science: The Alkali Metals

A little confession: at school, I liked science as much as art. I like to think that graphic design is somewhere between the two, even if it would be more of a social science. I’ve been having a clear out recently and came across my old GCSE science books and worksheets (oh, the excessive use of Comic Sans and Marker Felt). So I thought I’d do a bit of revision… By making some basic infographics on the Periodic Table groups.

Hipster Science : The Alkali Metals

I hope those revision notes are still accurate. I’m looking forward to making some more fun looking ones!



Some infographic practise inspired by something I saw on QI (if it’s true or not I can’t say, but it is Quite Interesting). This has been quite a while in the making.

A few disclaimers though:
1) By popular emo, I mean the sort of bands that have turned up in the (rock) charts at some point and referred to as being emo. I’m aware of this being a catch-all term for a very big genre. I mean no offence.
2) I’m also well aware the subjects have had numerous different hairstyles. The ones I have drawn came from promotional images (such as when they had an album released). Some 2011 images are from recent appearances (such as Reading + Leeds or Glastonbury festival).
3) I’ve used American GDP because these are American bands.
4) This is in no way scientific. It’s just a bit of fun.

Happy New Year everyone.
Be seeing you.