Craft Exploits: Christmas in August? And other adventures with paint

I said I’d update on my crafting, so here goes nothing.

I missed the Christmas in July event, and it’s still a bit early for the real thing but I finally finished off my Christmas tree! This was one of those unloved charity shop finds when I was volunteering after Christmas. It was originally a sickly shade of red with brown, not to mention split at the bottom, covered in scuffs, scratches and stains, and missing hanging loops for those cute little German ornaments. So of course I made a donation to save it from the bin, took it home and got to work (then got sidetracked by various other things, hence it only just being done!)xmastree2017.jpgOK, so it’s still missing some hooks, but it’s rejigged to only have the central ones empty. And OK, some of the ornaments have seen better days. But now it’s blue the ornaments really stand out, and if the empty spaces look too bothersome I could glue in some eye pins to hang some sparkly beads.

There’s something about volunteering to stock sort at a charity shop that can make you become determined to try and make something better out of poor unloved items. One manager had to always remind me “you can’t save them all”. Sometimes it’s worth it.

Like how about this wooden doll’s bed? It was a rickety Ikea thing with watermarks and crayon making it unsalable. I gave it the sand-paint-varnish treatment and ran up a little pillow and cover. I covered the bottom panel in fabric too which stopped it rattling around.dollbed.jpg The pink paint was kindly donated by one of the customers who had found out I upcycled for the shop, and the fabric pieces are from what’s considered “rag” (aka unable to sell, goes for recycling). It was sold for by the charity within a few days. Hopefully it’ll make someone happy!

I think that’s enough paint for now (and there have been many painty projects!)

Be seeing you.

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