This song for my Juliette

Another inspiration post today, and this one’s k-pop related. It’s the first of a few that I’m going to do looking at the awesome k-pop packaging.

Why k-pop?
1) The Korean CDs I’ve got hold of have some of the nicest, most interesting packaging I’ve come across. Some of it’s in the art direction, some in the innovative way it’s presented. There’s hardly a jewelcase in sight. They tend to be nice objects; physical things you can appreciate rather than just an image with a digital download.
2) I like it.

SHINee – Romeo EP (2009)

What’s so great about this?

The illustrated type. It’s quite scribbly but very detailed. I especially like the rockets on the centre page “e”. Combined with the photography (the band messing about with props etc) it gives it a casual feeling, perhaps something doodled by a(n artistically talented) teenager. It ties in with their theme of first love and youthful optimism. The important type is kept very minimal and clean, and does not distract from the fun tone.

Want to see more?

If you’ve never come across this internet phenomenon, I shall introduce it to you now: unboxing videos. Does what it says on the tin (sometime literally with people getting it out of the box it was mailed in).

(Note: There are different back page images, one for each band member in their “Juliette” video masks.)

The EP comes in a medium format “book” of the standard k-pop fashion editorial style photography which doubles as the CD holder (the disc is held on the back page by some little tabs). Back and front pages fold out double to give a bit more photography/type space.

Any more info?

My favourite k-popsicles, SHINee are a 5 piece boyband. Their (Korean) albums and EPs, regardless of musical style, always seem to include some kind of illustrated elements alongside the fashion editorial photography you expect from k-pop (where photobooks/photocards of idols are definately a “thing”).

SHINee Official site (Kr)
Caution: Currently plays loud music without asking -_-

(If anyone wonders how I get hold of these CDs for reasonable prices, two words: second hand.)


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